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Everything You Need to Know about Raincoat Design

Nov. 03, 2020
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Overview of raincoat design

As early as many years ago, countries such as Japan and South Korea began to transform traditional raincoats. Many days of the year are spent in the company of rain. How to make yourself in a rainy day a rainy wizard? This has attracted the imagination of many fashion designers.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards over time, people's pursuit of time has become increasingly fierce. Rain gear, an indispensable rain gear, quickly became the new favorite of the fashion family. When it comes to raincoats, what comes to our minds are those heavy raincoats that have nothing to do with fashion. Traditional raincoats are some of the bicycles we often see, as well as those set rain gears for household use, which have no other effect except rain protection.

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Origin of Raincoat Design

The raincoat is a fascinating garment not only for children but also for adults. We all like to wear them. We are all eagerly waiting for the monsoon to come and take out our raincoats. But among all these, have you ever thought of who invented the raincoat? Meet the first person who thought of producing waterproof clothing. Does this arouse your interest?

In 1747, French engineer François Freno produced the earliest raincoat in the world. He used latex obtained from rubber wood and put cloth shoes and jackets in this latex solution for dip coating. To the effect of waterproofing.

Modern raincoat design

What Kuabao has to do in raincoat design is to use fashion magic to reverse everyone's "prejudice" against raincoats, even if this fashion magic comes with a little domineering and "arrogant". Who said that in the sunny weather, raincoats have no chance to appear? The transparent raincoat material and the large-sized silhouette easily make it the No. 1 on the eye-catching list.

Just like what Kuabao has been pursuing, a stylish raincoat is designed for modern women who are independent and free. Design protective raincoats for innocent and straightforward children. For fashion, gentlemen's men design raincoats with personality.

As a raincoat manufacturer , Kuabao adopts practical styles in its raincoat design, and it is not obtrusive at all even when it is not rainy. All kinds of tops, trousers, windbreaker jackets, etc. are complete.

Raincoat Manufacturer

The future of raincoat design

The fabric and finish of the raincoat will change. Hydrophobicity, stain resistance and wrinkle resistance will be improved. The fabric itself will have a new weave.

Another direction of the raincoat in the future may be mass customization. This means that the jacket will be particularly suitable for the consumer's body. Such a process will involve the advent of computers and certain types of software and scanning equipment.

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