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How To Choose An Excellent Ski Wear?

Dec. 09, 2020
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How To Choose An Excellent Ski Wear?

The arrival of winter makes people unable to restrain the urge to go skiing. When I think of flying down the mountains and snow, the beautiful scenery of the snow-capped mountains hits my eyes frame by frame, the cold wind passes by, but the body becomes warmer and more excited, the excitement and joy are soaring with the adrenaline, you Is it itchy and eager to try? The winter without skiing is always not so complete, and without suitable ski clothing, discomfort will weaken the fun of skiing. So, how do we choose the right ski wear?

1.Hard shell VS filled layer

Hard-shell ski wear will be lighter, less bloated, and easy to carry. But in cold weather, because there is no filling layer, it cannot provide enough warmth, so at this time you need to consider stacking fleece or down jacket. But this also makes it more widely used and suitable for more weather conditions.

Ski suits with padded layers can provide a certain degree of warmth, but they are heavy and bloated, which can cause inconvenience. Of course, when the weather is cold, you don't need to wear so many clothes. However, it is more suitable for use in colder weather, once the weather gets warmer, it is not applicable.

2.Waterproof, windproof and breathable

When skiing, most of the time is dealing with ice and snow. Snow will definitely stick to the skiing process, and the snow left on the clothes will melt quickly, so it must be waterproof. Water resistance depends on the waterproof membrane of the fabric. In the water resistance test, the higher the waterproof coefficient, the better the water resistance. Generally, ski suits need to choose a waterproof coefficient greater than 20,000mm.

The windproof function of a ski suit is an important indicator of its warmth retention. When you are sliding down a mountain slope quickly and gusts of cold wind whizzing past your ears, you will understand why the windproof function is effective for a ski suit. It seems so important.

Skiing is a relatively vigorous exercise, which consumes a lot of calories during exercise, and at the same time the amount of perspiration will increase. If the sweat cannot be discharged in time, it will make people's underwear soaked. It is not good to sweat in cold weather. The breathability of the ski clothing fabric will allow you to effectively evaporate the excess heat generated during skiing, thereby avoiding sweating and maintaining a good body climate.

3.Moisture wicking

Ski suits are usually made of quick-drying, moisture-absorbing materials or mesh, which are designed to quickly transport sweat away from the body. This helps keep you dry during skiing. Wearing a bottoming shirt with moisture wicking function inside the ski suit also helps keep you dry.

4.Durability and weight

Durability and weight are different for different fabrics. The same fabric generally has two or three layers of fabric and thickness. The same fabric, three layers and thicker fabrics are generally more durable, but they tend to be heavier, feel harder, and weaken the fit to the body. Then, choose more wear-resistant fabrics in areas that are often worn, and use relatively thin fabrics for other parts, which not only increases comfort, but also does not reduce wear resistance and durability, but also reduces unnecessary weight.

5.Tailoring and color

Ski suits generally choose three-dimensional cutting. Ski suits that are too tight will limit the sliding action when skiing, and a good ski suit should make the skier feel both close and loose when wearing. Generally speaking, when you straighten your arms forward, from the cuffs of the ski suit to your palm, the armpits are not tight or cause other discomfort.

Ski Wear

Colors with high color saturation are safer in outdoor sports. For safety reasons, do not wear white ski suits for skiing and other snow sports.

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